Oct 16

Walter Chandoha and His Passion for Photography that Started Even Before the Internet Era

Walter Chandoha was born in 1920 in New York and is known as the famous photographer.

With perseverance and persuasion, he became able to take photographs of his pet cats and subsequently made them his subjects of photography. In 1963, he produced his most famous work namely “The Mob”.

In his entire career, he has taken more than 200,000 pictures. His hobby started growing from his earlier days when he was a student of the New York University. With many magazine covers and books and advertisements, he quickly became famous as a cat photographer of the country.

It has to be kept in mind that Walter Chandoha was clicking pictures of cats long before the cat photography became a sensation on the internet. According to him, there used to be a period when cats were considered to signify anything. He had done many photoshoots for around 500 companies. There was also a time when the pet food was the theme of his photographs.

Although he had many cats in different times of his life, his first cat photography revolved around a cat named Loco whom he found while it was in a vulnerable and feeble condition. He took the cat to his home in Astoria. After it had come to the normal condition, he started clicking its photos, and soon the pictures became famous as those got published.

Now looking back Chandoha recalls that it was his cats that are the real reasons behind the popularity of his photos.

Apr 16

Wildlife photography exhibition in Ringwood

The top wildlife and nature photography is all set to be celebrated at a brand new exhibit at the Moors Valley Country Park near Ringwood. British Wildlife Photography Awards exhibit starts on 16th January and features a variety of animals from butterfly near Lulworth ro seahorses off Studland.

Wildlife photography exhibition

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Jan 16

Representing the business

A site is the place where you can represent your business. A site must turn much effective and at the same time turn as more innovative and unique which lures the customers a lot. Any customer who engages in the visit of the site can turn as a potential customer depending upon the look of the site.

Web Photography

Look of the site speaks volumes when a user uses the site. In such a way, a site must be constructed enough to make any business a success. While constructing a site, the necessary points which a designer has to keep in mind is the designs involved, choice of words, unique pattern of design, choice of words and lot more. The Plain Sailing Yacht Charter site does this well Continue reading →

May 15


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Apr 15

Wildlife photographer Kevin Sawford to be at Ipswich and District Photographic Society talk

Ipswich and District Photographic Society is all set to welcome Kevin Sawford to their meeting in the coming week, when he would be offer an insight into his experiences and career. Mr Sawford, based on the Suffolk and Norfolk border, told that his primary passion is to photograph the natural world and he also relished capturing a wide variety of wildlife, both at abroad and at home.

He has conducted photography workshops for Suffolk Wildlife Trust and he told that it became very popular and has developed to offer more events across the county’s nature reserves. He has sold his snaps across the world. One of them is elephant hawk moth and his picture is featured on an Irish stamp.

After a lot of people have earned him honors for the contest, including a greatly recommended at the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 as well as a silver award in the International Loupe 2013 awards. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Photography Tips: Photomerge a panorama in Photoshop (Pt.2)

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Mar 15

Landscape Photography Tips: Wildflower Sunrise in Idaho

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