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  1. My mom would hurt me if I cut my hair just for my nails 

  2. That’s brilliant, I’m going to make a “hair” brush soon and give it a try.
    I don’t understand why you’re getting so many negative reactions… the
    synthetic bristles really just aren’t the same! Also, a trick for getting
    better with your non-dominant hand is USING IT! Not just for painting, but
    in everyday life. Open doors, carry your bag, hold your coffee mug and
    force your hand to learn those little adjustments we naturally do to keep
    it upright as we’re walking, etc. I got a lot better with Lefty when I
    started doing that. :)

  3. I would never cut my hair just to make a better nail brush

  4. leticia sarahi ortiz amaro

    If you’re watching this video and got grounded for cutting three hairs,
    then you’re too young to watch YouTube.
    Also, grow up people! NOBODY is going to notice that you cut three little
    hairs of your head, and it might work better than artificial bristles, and
    it’s cheaper than a natural fiber brush, so get over it. 

  5. I don’t understand why you’re all flipping our over what, a few inch long
    strands of hair? Guys, hate to break it to you but it’s not going to be
    noticeable whatsoever. Especially if you use hair from the middle of your
    head. Common sense, people.

  6. I cut a piece of my hair that big too and now I’m grounded… -_-

  7. MyNägeltutorials

    Cool 🙂 hab mich auf meinem Kanal auch mal dran versucht- aber du hast mehr
    Talent ;)

  8. i practice writing on my non dominant hand it really does wonders in
    getting some control doing nail polish. 

  9. you can buy every kind of brush in an art supplies store. No need to cut
    your own hair…

  10. Who would cut their hair to make a nail brush?

  11. WHYYYY WOULD SHE CUT HER HAIR OFF!!!!! this made me mad

  12. Hey guys i also do this with my nails, i do it in my bedroom and i have a
    ceiling fan and i found out that if i have it on the polish wont spred well
    so just tip dont have the fan on so your polish spreads better!

  13. I can’t do it cuz my hair is really curly so I only have like 2 pieces of
    strait hair

  14. Why is everyone making so much fuzz about the hair brush? If your parents
    don’t let you cut your hair or if you don’t wanto to cut it then don’t do
    it, nobody is forcing anyone to do it. Calm down people!

  15. I like the blue nail design

  16. Good ideas! 

  17. That ant no trick thats cutting your hair

  18. As soon as I saw the name howcast I knew it was going to be some ignorant
    BS lol. But you use both in a different way. If both was used the same way
    you would of have same results. 

  19. Guys you don’t have to cut your hair to have a better brush, it’s a huge
    difference if you take more or less paint. With any brush for making lines
    you are making a line with a tip of a brush, it’s really simple ;)

  20. Wtf lmfaaaooo

  21. Simyla Billingsley


  22. Good ideas! 

  23. Some people seem to be concerned with cutting off some of their hair, but
    I’m pretty sure most girls lose more hair than that just taking a shower or
    brushing their hair. It’s a pretty minuscule amount. I’ll give it a try.

  24. Very very creative. I liked it.

  25. WTF would she cut her own hair for a brush?!? U can just like even the
    bristles of the regular brush if they are too stiff. :o