Aaron’s Art Tips Season2 E13 – Creating textures with Photoshop Texture Brushes.

Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!
    Loved watching that mate.

  2. You got yourself another subscriber! Great video 

  3. Aaron, it would be amazing if you would do a giveaway, especially a
    worldwide for a Cintiq – especially if you make it that if someone wins it
    that already has a graphics tablet they should send theirs to someone too.
    If I got a Cintiq I would give my best friend my tablet – he just turned
    16, and he’s had my old tablet too, he’s getting better all the time. I’d
    kill for a cintiq but I just don’t make enough money to get one :(

  4. Is this guy a millionaire? Traveling the world for these things..

  5. You might think that you are an artist…and I would never dispute
    that…..but your spiritual gift appears to be a teacher, otherwise you
    would never want to share! I am a retired teacher and recognize the
    teacher in you. Thank you so much for sharing with a novice. 

  6. VERY COOL! Thanks Aaron!

  7. Just thanks !
    Thank you for all your work it’s great ! Continue 🙂

  8. World Of The Orange

    Great video!! I’m definitely going to be trying this out! Might need to get
    my Photoshop painting skills up to scratch first though! :)

  9. You are an amazing artist! I hope I become after many years as good as you!

  10. This is really cool man. I’m not even an artist but this seems like some
    powerful stuff.

  11. I’m transitioning from traditional to digital and I’m hitting a sort of
    learning curve. I’m wondering if buying a Wacom 13in would be better than
    the bamboo I’m using?

    It’s my dream to become a professional concept artist. I’m spending 7-10
    hours a day trying to improve.

  12. Alright, so I got on google today and was literally going to type in,
    “digital art equipment”. Then I thought, im going to check out youtube
    first. Boom, front page in recommended vids was this one. How great is
    that. HEH

  13. George Goodfellow

    Absolutely great… definitely be watching more of your videos… great for
    everyone especially as an amateur.

  14. I could sit here watching this forever!
    Such a great character, it really shows you love what you do.
    It looks so easy, guess thats what happens when you rally know your stuff.

  15. you got me with the cloud guys

  16. The only thing that bothers me is you charge people for wanting to learn
    how to do what you do. Charging for your brushes and textures. You should
    really offer that stuff for free man. I mean you got all the money in the
    world why not help people become like you that don’t have money and fame
    like you. I think that’s Kinda messed up.

  17. Thank you, been looking for something like this for years.

  18. I am so happy I have found your tutorials! 

  19. Master, I just can say: THANKS A LOT!!!!
    You’re really amazing and great teacher! And keep your tips with your
    “clean voice”, its so easy understand you buddy! Even for me, as a
    brazilian! I could take advantage of 100%!!!!! Thanks a million!

  20. This was amazing. I just purchased the brushes. Great value.

  21. Frackin awesome … wish I could afford a cintiq

  22. Really appreciate your tips Aaron, thanks a lot.

  23. wow Aaron, that’s very interesting, thanks a lot for sharing, and for
    subscription matter, I’ve already done from the beginning of the video.
    thanks a lot and I want to see more :)

  24. The creature in the clouds idea is absolutely GENIUS! People will buy the
    HECK out of that ART!