Abstract Art Modern Painting Techniques by Dranitsin at petesoriginalart.com

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  1. like your style, me too i draw´╗┐ like you and it’s amazing feel!!! ­čśŤ

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and your nice´╗┐ comments!

  3. thank you!´╗┐

  4. you´╗┐ are my favourite artist, ever! I love your work so much

  5. U sir r a ROCKSTAR!!! choose colors n let your hands and soul do the rest´╗┐ says it perfectly! i start using both hands n dont even realize it! good to know someone else knows what that feels like!! thank you.

  6. thank´╗┐ you!

  7. thank you!

  8. thank you for sharing and your comments!´╗┐

  9. mycurrentevents

    Oh my goodness!
    Your work takes my breath away!
    Each piece moves me.
    Now I know that I have found a creative outlet for myself
    and for all of my emotions with´╗┐ bipolar depression.
    Thank you so very much!

  10. awesome´╗┐ video you have inspired me to attempt abstract painting!

  11. remember oils are not water-soluble (does not dissolve in water) where acrylics are. However you can still´╗┐ experiment and see where it takes you ­čÖé

  12. Thanks for your help!! I found it now. I just´╗┐ started painting with oil colours and i Love it and got much inspiration from you┬┤re works!! Do you know if you can mix oil and acrylic paint on canvas?

  13. amazing!!!

  14. I apologize the song that is on at the moment was placed as a replacement for the Aura (because of the YouTube policies I had to swipe the song with the ones they have)

    this one is called´╗┐ 009 sound system (search in youtube royalty free songs)

  15. WOW!! Amazing painting and I LOVE the music, whats the name of the song? I searched on´╗┐ Aura but I didnt found it. /:

  16. Thank you!´╗┐

  17. amazing work..thank you´╗┐ for sharing…

  18. thank you ´╗┐

  19. victoriassecretisluv


  20. It’s acrylic paint I didn’t read the´╗┐ information.

  21. Just a drizzle´╗┐ of white paint in the end and it works! Amazing, what paint are you using ?

  22. That’s great Peter,´╗┐ thank you.

  23. thank you!´╗┐

  24. thank you, and please be sure to check´╗┐ out more videos at abstractartlesson(dot)com

  25. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for showing us your soul work. Very impressive!

    JD *´╗┐ Miami, Fl