Abstract Art, original abstract painting techniques, tips, lesson by Peter Dranitsin.

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  1. i watched few videos and i must say you helped me a lot with the techniques ideas how to paint.Good music,well edited videos makes it my favorite tutorials

  2. You did that painting in literally 5 minutes. haha nice

  3. ur works inspiring me… Do u use jus acrylic colors n water? Any gel or mediums?

  4. omg love you bro!! im failing art so ill just use your idea hahaha

  5. love ur videos!!!!!!!!! <3

  6. are u naked in ur videos? :|

  7. usually wet

  8. Are your sponges wet or dry when you blend?

  9. Thank you 🙂 The secret is think simple and don’t make it complicated

  10. No there is not. It’s a special program I use to edit the video.

  11. Is there a camera person filming you paint? its so smooth.

  12. tell me a secret plz > how can u make it to look so simple? holly molly!!! and looks so great! i love it xD amazing

  13. Thank you for your comments! Definitely try that!

  14. I have never seen anyone use a spatula quite like you! I love it..I so need to give that a try 🙂