Abstract Art Painting Techniques Acrylics on Canvas by Peter Dranisin “White Tree”

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  1. Christian Chavez

    wow you are the next Bob Ross … Congrats!!!!

  2. pretty…..

  3. rvdl4181 google or look up abstract trees. This tree had white leaves and is an abstract image. “It has no limits, and can represent the thoughts and feelings of the artist at the time it was created. This is typically done through the use of color and wild atypical imagery. When painting abstract trees, they don’t have to appear as realistic trees.”

  4. i whish there was voice

  5. workinprogress1943


  6. So I did it. And I’m quite happy with the results.. but it looks pretty different tho!! (ps. Im posting a picture of it on facebook, but im giving inspirational credits to you 🙂 )
    Yours is way better than mine still!!
    You are AMAZING!!! Holy crap,
    thanks!! 🙂

  7. I’m about to attempt this!! But purple instead of green.. i hope it works out!!

  8. But really read your definition of abstract,that’s exactly what he’s doing….???

  9. Simplify stunning and beautiful!!! I’m very inspired and am thankful to watch u create such amazing pieces!!
    PS… Don’t sweat those Haters!! They shd get a life, u r a real artist,and who the fuck cares if it’s abstract or not!! It’s DOPE..

  10. Abstract Art = Art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures….But it was fun to watch 🙂 Just don’t call it ‘abstract’

  11. I think it looked better before the orange was added. But its still bueautiful.

  12. TheLucylocket14

    This is amazing! Do you make it up as yo go along? or do you plan out every detail before hand? I’m also an artist!! 🙂 X

  13. 40thArmorTanker

    I would think one could use one of those little straws you stir coffee with.

  14. what can i use instead of the feather ???

  15. hey pete, do you wash the sponges after you use them or just let them dry and use them next time? do they have to be dry or can they be wet when u use them?

  16. should’ve put the video on high speed.

  17. wtf is that skanky feather for? is it for adding some h1n1 to the je ne sais qua?

  18. Hi Pete!  I love your paintings…they are so wonderful and I can’t wait to try one of my own! But I have a couple of questions for you: First, are you changing your sponge often, or rinsing it out using water? Second, can you do the same with oil paints?

  19. Paloma Monteleone

    like watching bob ross. the elements are simple but at the end its a masterpiece.

  20. Is my mom looking for her spatula? heeh hee. cool. I also use her make up brushes. They work better.

    Well, thanks man.

  21. Excellent!

  22. This is so basic……yet it is so BEAUTIFUL!

  23. valerietremblay100

    Hi Peter i recreated that painting and it looks ”merveilleux” its one of my best. thank you so much

  24. MissSuicidalCupcake

    I’m doing the same thing! I’m more of a pencil and marker artist, I’ve not got much experience with paint, it’s a very different medium to pencil or ink! But I’m thinking of trying this out myself.
    But I’d love to see how yours turns out when it’s finished! 🙂

  25. I am going to try this. I am a sketch, pencil, marker artist so not much on painting, started three days ago and loving abstract art. love I can do what I want no basic rules…anyways this is beautiful. Going to try it out and put a little of my own touch too it. post back when finished.