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  1. Is that burnt under?

  2. beautiful painting…

  3. lilmissbhaven36

    I love it!! Good music too! 

  4. this is really beautiful. i would hang this on my wall.

  5. mega kule painting dude. after da bubble wrap effect I would have name it “bee hive in warp.” again, kule stuff & nice work of art. God bless.

  6. KLASSNO  !!!

  7. thank you

  8. Hmm, i have the idea your Acrylic paint is thicker then i have at the moment and the black you use for the marks and stripes seems very smooth/watery. I like that painting very much! Awesome.

  9. thank you!

  10. very good job!!! Compliments!!

  11. remove access paint

  12. what was the square 4?

  13. thank you

  14. good luck!

  15. Yeaaah, I’ve gotta get me some bubble wrap. XD I think it’d really help me with my tentacle textures… I think bubble wrap for suction cups might be pretty kickass. 🙂

  16. magnifique!

  17. you welcome!

  18. thank you for your comments!

  19. Born to be wasted

  20. I have to thank you for all your techniques; they’ve helped me SO much over the past year. And watching your videos always inspires me in one way or another :] So, thanks!

  21. thank you!

  22. spatula

  23. you would be correct

  24. sounds like you’ve got a plan 🙂


    I cant wait until I am older have a job and a house so i can then support artists like you and many others. Plus I would have original work for cheaper prices.

    I hope someone will do the same for me when I graduate from college. And start a career in graphic design