Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water.

Video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Does anyone know where to buy painting like this? I need to know!

  2. Musicfeelslikebetter

    of 2e??

  3. Musicfeelslikebetter

    1:01 its a beggin of the 3e circel

  4. Musicfeelslikebetter


  5. Musicfeelslikebetter

    5:01 really coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Really cool!

  7. so thats how the 60 came about

  8. Not sorcery boy skill (assassins creed 2)

  9. lizzie constable

    this is amazing 🙂

  10. You call me ignorant then call me a pop lover!!! i suggest before you start name calling you dont follow it up with what im guessing was a insult…

    Fact remains the music sucks

  11. Nah man. He probably want’s to hear LMFAO or some dumb sheit like that.

  12. the music owns.

  13. spikey verschoor

    was this a way of printing before printing presses?

  14. This is turkish? hm wierd… People do this to paint guitars…

  15. This guy looks like ignio montoya

  16. @hipement the music is awesome. Ignorant pop lover. What? You want lady gaga?

  17. thewordsopinion

    I would have liked to see the painting in more detail.

  18. Nice great art

  19. lol

  20. ı am a turkish but ım not do this so hard ım try that

  21. Get read of the flute and put some decent music on

  22. <3

  23. That’s fucking sick! I could watch that dude do that for hours

  24. oh my god i want it to water marble

  25. this is incredible