Art Techniques & Styles : How to Become an Artist

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  1. I wanna be a tatto artist !:)

  2. Get a full-time baby sitter?

  3. Great advice thanks you 😉

  4. how to become an artist: Step:1 Buy urself a pair of glasses
    Artists need their lens so they can see their drawing or painting clearly.

  5. if u set ur mind 2 it u can.

  6. What if we aren’t as good as everyone else, but have the passion to learn and develop? Do I still chase my dreams?

  7. I’m a painter, and I like my style,,,,but I’m afraid that when I go to art school in San Francisco this year my art is going to be shunned by all the other great artists that are more experienced than me. And the problem is,,,,I’m the only artist I know, so I really have nobody to tell me how to take on this whole new art scene. What do I do? o.o I really want to be a professional artist, and to be freelance is my absolute dream.

  8. that is great advice man!

  9. that was great advice. thanks!

  10. 7 people have sadly given up on their dreams ;D

  11. I’ve wanted to be a tattoo artist for 2 or 3 years now. I’ve just got back from my Art and Design interview at the college for the second time now, and I’ve passed this time!!! 😀 One step further to my dream career – Tattoo Artist! 😀 xxxxxx

  12. tattoo artist 😀

  13. Dude ur awesome,lol u dnt seem cocky like other artist omg ur like soo inspirationall….! Lol Thnks alot man this really helped !

  14. im not going to school, im just ganna make my own art and sell it in a busy city. that way i can become my own boss. everyone will love my art and i will become the next van go

  15. Great advice….I wish someone could have clued me in when I was oh so very young but never say never!!! Thanks

  16. Silentartisan207

    that’s right.

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  18. It’s pronounced both ways. o.O

  19. Yeah i want to do that also, there is alot of research to do. being a good artist is a plus to be an engineer, so you can visualize what you are doing. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, he used art to create how he can invent something, and visually see what he needs to do.
    Or if you want to draw while using the thing you are trying to “invent” then that is from your creativity.

  20. How about a person being something else, but being an artists as an auxiliary side project?

    Got me?

    Like, I want to be an engineer, but I like illustration and the such. How will those two coincide?

  21. Thanks for advice.

  22. InTheLifeOfAnArtist


  23. thank you for the encouragement. you took the time brother!

  24. Its pronounced ‘Root’ not ‘Rowt’ 🙂