Art Techniques & Styles : How to Make a Living as an Artist

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    and, in this economy boys and girls, you’ll have to be very flexible… like, can you do flips or cartwheels? I’m at the point where I understand it’s 20% skill and 80% of being in the right place at the right time. I was offered a job as a freehand illustrator for Disney, and shook it off because I hated California. Since then I have created just about everything in an artful way and some days I feel like cutting off my ear!

  2. Whit dude im about to become a college student & dammnn this video really help me, lol I kinda have an idea of I what I wnt to be now lol xD Tunis mannnn lol

  3. Say what you want. I’m out of here.

  4. Look, whatever point it is you want to make is really neither here nor there. I pulled you up because you think its okay to dismiss someone’s entire existence in a sentence, even though you don’t know them from Adam. Your statement was arrogant and only stands to teach others that its okay to rubbish a person, purely on some weak basis such as misreading the title and not shown “dozens and dozens” of ways to make money. also age does not necessarily beget “greater experience”.

  5. It is clear that you can’t handle straightforward talk from people with greater experience than you. The issue here is that I am trained to teach “quality performance.” And ethical teaching means telling beginners that we expect much more of them because they are CAPABLE of so much more. Presenting videos to the world comes with the danger of leading young people to think they can get by with mediocre thinking, planning & presentation. Giving them a “failing” grade is an act of love.

  6. My friend, it really serves no positive purpose to comment publicly on somebody’s education or experience in life if you don’t know them. Regardless of how wise, talented or experienced we think we are. The ability to be even slightly humble is often quite rewarding, personally and socially. I have little interest in your opinion of yourself, I love all the children of earth the same. Have a good one.

  7. No, It is not presumptuous of me to state what I stated. It is more accurate to call me bold, honest and experienced and caring. All based on decades of daring, adventurous experimentation and learning experience as well as dealing with a vast amount of raw, underground artists and wild art students. Sorry to up you, but I am dedicated and passionate about helping fellow artists, not the least bit frustrated nor pointless. Worthwhile learning and teaching are my specialties.

  8. it seems incredibly presumptuous to state that the individual in the video has “little education or experience in life”. The guy’s obviously just trying to explain the main area’s of art in industry. Yes it covers basic points, but it serves as motivation and reinforcement of a positive message. Point your frustrations and pointless criticism’s at yourself and you might learn something worthwhile.

  9. @fuknurface Yeah, people should just pay you for existing, am I right?

  10. All artist what ever you do with your talent I’m 100% with you I suggest you go to artist groups in your area so you can learn more on how to market you art work good place to ask questions don’t let now one put you down keep drawing realisticly to become better I am a Certified Animator I created my own comic book series if it sells I can move up to create an animation based on my books ect; It all up to you willing to keep marching forward hope this helps.

  11. Talent is talent being certified better. A degree in Animation, art profession means your better trained for the real world, never sell yourself cheap helps you develop your art 50% the training you get is forever. Being certified means your trained Pro. You can train others what you leaned so they to can become better artist with understanding and you can tell them what to expect in this industry. It means you know how to protect your ideas and copyrights to avoid lawsuits ext;

  12. I like the last way you mentioned. Its the dream:)

  13. I’m sorry but if you said the right stuff to me i’d just melt into have that amazing huskey voice..omg..xx

  14. THIS GUY IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. i chose the last option long ago.. Even though im totally broke all the time, i wouldnt trade it for having more money. The hardest part about being an artist and trying to live off only that, is that people dont understand. People say;”hmm.. ye, i understand you like painting and drawing, but you cant just quit society and live in a empty flat with no food and just draw!! You have to become something real, something that puts food on the table and then you can draw as a hobby!”.. FUCK, THAT!

  16. how do you know you have the skills???? Art is so subjective?? Would it be the market system that determines it. How do you get well known

  17. Thank you so much this video is extremaly helpful (THANK YOU)

  18. I find your videos very helpful, thanks man!

  19. dontlistentomeimmute

    i have to agree with u, i know a lot of very creative people who makes money and didn’t even finish or went to college.

  20. agree

  21. 1cent exchange: re. your question. I as painter & private tutor started painting on clothing found in 2nd hand stores. I painted as free & crazy or beautiful or goth as I wanted to & I sold it at bars on Friday night (people’s payday) (I don’t drink!) I took simple custom orders for simple paintings/slogans on jeans & jackets. I evolved into doing volumes of hand screened black ink designs on white t’shirts. I wholesale around tourist spots. Its a liberating gold mine biz.! I now sell prints.

  22. please can you tell me how do you make a living for being an artist like you, and how much do you get paid monthly or yearly, because I wanna be an artist too.

  23. I was talking to my friend once about wanting to get an art degree and she agreed it would be hard..but when i said what about the famous artist? She replied, “they became famous when they died”…kinda true=(

  24. Agh…its too bad Im too afraid of being poor…otherwise I would absolutely get an art degree because it’s one of the things im better at and understand more of…but it “more safe” to get a hospital degree…its a sad world..