Art Techniques & Styles : How to Sketch a Face With the Proper Dimensions

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  1. somebody should told picasso that right

  2. not really so realistic, eyes have to be a bit smaller, the face shape is
    too long for a normal human face… i hope you dont mind critiques, but i
    think it was drawn by a 12 year old…. oh well, 4* ^^

  3. why are all complainting, he’s not drawing a perfect face; he’s just
    telling you how to get the proper dimensions for the face

  4. This guy can teach you how to draw just like Napoleon Dynamite.

  5. Does this man ever blink?! XD

  6. Claudio Trajtemberg

    where in fucking hell they get these shitty noobs?

  7. I totally agree,not only you draw really good, i got actually quite better
    with your hints,I am just starting to draw,and i really appreciate you
    using your time to help us.Good job

  8. Verry good info. To all u hatemongers I’ll cock slap u on the forehead.
    Draw that.

  9. how much do u get paid to do a video for expert village?

  10. how much time do I need to spend minimum per week on practicing sketching ?
    I am a beginner.

  11. thx that helped

  12. TheCabinetmaster

    Thank You for this, my little girl loves to draw and this helps her. I
    usually dont post alot of comments but being that the other 2 comments were
    obviously from knuckleheads, I figured I would at least let you know some
    of us appreciate you giving your time freely to help others.

  13. futureanimatior

    @BreezyZephyr No need to say he sucks he’s just trying to show people how
    to draw a face and no he doesen’t suck. He’s not the best but there are a
    lot worser people out there.

  14. monsterinyourcloset2


  15. best comment today

  16. wow… is this a joke? and if the eyes are the foundation of the face, they
    need to be correct. unless your drawing a victim of a radioactive waste

  17. jewelerygirl3377

    i leaned a lot now i can draw really good

  18. Thanks! I needed a tutorial to help me draw, i’ve been trying to draw
    realistic faces ages ago but never got far XD so thanks for the tutorial!

  19. no offense guy but you suck at drawing faces.

  20. i feel that there is so much more you could of told here.

  21. Where horizontally? dividing equally? where does the mouth and nose sit?
    how far apart should the eyes be? this guy sucks

  22. It looks anime.

  23. @quishypoo He says at 1:25 ish how to space the eyes

  24. wow this guy really cannot draw

  25. This was very helpful…thank you so much.