Art Techniques with Matisse Derivan – Cracking

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  1. This was´╗┐ like watching paint dry. ­čÖé

  2. Thank´╗┐ you very much!
    I tried this interesting medium
    I also used another technique to achieve an antique look.

  3. Thank you very much!
    I tried this interesting´╗┐ medium
    I also used another technique to achieve an antique look.

  4. hi – I am sorry I have no idea how or even if other companies products work – I can only let you know what ours do- all I can suggest is that you buy Matisse products and follow the´╗┐ video! good luck

  5. hi.. i tried to do some crack by´╗┐ using jo sonja crackling medium together with acrylic paint.. however still fail to make the pain to crack. i paint the background color and after dry i put crackle medium. once the crackle medium half dry i cover with another acrylic medium. but still fail to make it crack.. pls help..thx

  6. you would be the´╗┐ best one to decide what colours!!! ­čÖé –
    Yes our name is partly in honour of Henri Matisse – have fun

  7. you can use any colour you like as long as they are from either Matisse BACKGROUND range of colours or Derivan students colours- generally the best´╗┐ results come from using 2 contrasting colours rather than 2 similar colours (as wih 2 similar colours the cracking is not as “striking”). if you wish to use gold as a top coat then use Matisse Flow mixed equal parts with MM5 Matt Medium over the top of the cracking medium

  8. Is there a reason you used burgandy´╗┐ and not another color? The reason I ask is that my mother has 2 large rooms with a raised band kind of like a jacquard material in an old style. I was thinking of painting it gilded gold. The band is about 3 inches wide near the ceiling.What would you recommend? You also mentioned looking in different “sections” or something like that. Are you referring to a book? Also does your name have anything to do with the famous painter? Thanks

  9. For the top coat it is recommended that you use Matisse “Background” colours as they will´╗┐ crack. Otherwise add Matisse Matt Medium MM5 50/50 with the flow top coat and that with weaken the top coat enough to crack.

  10. I used the Flow series´╗┐

  11. what did you use as´╗┐ the topcoat? what brand and type of paint?

  12. I just can’t get this to work ­čÖü Tried different dry´╗┐ times and thicknesses and I can’t get any cracks to appear.