Art Techniques with Matisse Derivan – Photo Transfers

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  1. D: oh ok ­čÖé ty
    nice information that help me to know that it will dent it with just on finger nail´╗┐ ^^

  2. steven patterson

    Pretty much yes you can – however the varnish will not be super hard – you will still be able to “dent” it with your finger nail´╗┐

  3. well i’m doing a paper bead project and i need like a gloss/glaze to make my paper bead harden and strong and clear, will it work if i don’t but it in water and just´╗┐ put on some gloss varnish on my paper bead?

    ( so basicly like does gloss varnish works like diamond glaze?
    diamond glaze is a glaze that makes like paper harden)

  4. Extra thanks for addressing the archival nature of this technique. That´╗┐ kind of info is often very difficult to find.

  5. you can use many differrent´╗┐ printers – the easiest way to check is to take a wet cloth and rub the print- if the ink bleeds easily then it will not work! if it doesn’t then it will probably be fine

  6. hi it is Matisse medium MM7 polymer´╗┐ gloss varnish

  7. Good instruction. Could write the name of liquid transfer?…I can’t read the brand´╗┐ in the bottle.

  8. Darn´╗┐ good instruction. Thank you.

  9. nice´╗┐

  10. sorry there however´╗┐ there is no real way to make something light fast other than to keep it out of direct sunlight!

  11. yes it shoudl be fine on a tile ….however only for decorative purposes – you couldn’t´╗┐ use the tiles for a bench top

  12. hi.´╗┐ if the color is not light fast, what do u advice to paint over it to fasten the color? will a coat or two of clear gell be good for that? thanks

  13. LiveAndInPerson

    Will this work on tile?´╗┐

  14. LiveAndInPerson

    I have been trying to find you all´╗┐ over Youtube!!!!!

  15. LiveAndInPerson

    You know´╗┐ what I think I like about this is it’s a little like a polaroid transfer without the film, without figuring how to make that machine I have take a slide…..

  16. LiveAndInPerson

    Would this work´╗┐ with color photographs?

  17. Hey! thanks for the video! have been looking for´╗┐ a product like this for quite sometime…I just got some Matisse products last week, hope the same place stocks this stuff too…
    just a quick question, will this work on a porcelain surface?? (a flat white dish to be more precise)
    Thanks in Advance!