Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Cross Hatch Drawing

Movie Score: three / 5

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  1. Horrible videos, didn’t realise this was another of yours until I had already started watching. Seems you use it as more of an opportunity to show off your drawings than to teach anyone anything.

  2. if i hadn’t already knew what cross hatching was this video would have given me the wrong idea. I think the artist here made a very bad presentation. he should have tried Hatching and then Cross Hatching a shape, a sphere or something, these faces looked already finished, no need to shade them. not helpful at all to those who need this.

  3. caramelkissesaywat

    there’s a difference between hatching and cross hatching lol

  4. he’s stoned.

  5. Note to anyone who’s watching this- he’s not crosshatching. This: /// is hatching. “XXX” is crosshatching.

  6. most of the video was hatching he may have confused people that don’t know hatching from cross-hatching

  7. actually u all dont realize that he is a great artist and this is only demostration so he dont have to draw it like a pro

  8. the eyes and nose looked better before you started doodling on them.

  9. He seems to be an okay illustrator but he doesn’t know the difference between hatching and crosshatching.

  10. U suuuuck Hahahah.
    I never was in some art class or something else and i draw better than u. Expert village sucks….don’t loose your precious time on this vids.

  11. ramonaymarcoykaka

    lol this guy is the worst teaher ever

  12. Super!

  13. ugh, expertvilliage sucks. They should change it to noobert villiage. This guy is good and all, but to me, he looks like he’s just freakin’ hatching! But his marker is AMAZING.

  14. thebulletalchemist

    CROSShatching is hatching crossed. This is hatching.

  15. the marker is a Dixon Markette.

  16. lol.good one.

  17. Wtf???only the end was crosshatching.

  18. Both :)

  19. I learned jackshit either your video sucks, or I’m a dumbass

  20. so nice…