Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : Art: Drawing Caricature Emotions

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  1. really, REALLY!! ‘whoa got some boobies” what are you eight

  2. its a sponsored video so there are gonna be advertisements, and by the way a little tip to skipping is refreshing the page! hth!

  3. can you not see the pencil lines underneath?

  4. quentinbrunnett

    Thank you !

  5. what’s with these GOTDAMN commercials.

  6. LeaveFishysWishbones

    draws smoothly!

  7. what kind of pen you use?

  8. He does the underlay drawing in pencil, and you can see his construction lines in this. Doesn’t take away from his wor though, still pretty impressive..

  9. omg ur art is awesome i actually got a caricature the other day of me as a cheerleader, and the art is fabulous! the tips were awesome, u have such great skills! and to start with marker?! when i draw i need a pencil! fabulous! im sucha fan!

  10. wow your good! where did you get that black pen??

  11. second 🙂

  12. second

  13. first!