Art Tips for Drawing & Illustrating : How to Become an Art Director

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  1. thanks for posting some great stuff :))

  2. So, I’m in a studio working(drawing/drafting) and this guy checks up on me, giving input on how to interpret a piece of concept art(taller/shorter, more…widgets etc). Ok, how did he get this job. Well, he directed the”…80’s music video..” back in the day. And how many things did I direct(movie, ad, Tv etc) …NOTHING!!! So put down your pencil. Come up with an idea. Hire someone else to storyboard and shoot it. Then take credit for it. Simple.

  3. Art Director doesn’t necessarily draw. They work with artists to achieve the look a project calls for. Sometimes they come up with an idea. Later they meet with the client to see the project thru. I used to wonder, why they are necessary and I got this. Artists are antisocial and too outside the norm to pitch projects, so let someone with better people dynamics do this. Also, a project needs one leader and a cohesive vision. The artists are too busy working to manage other artists.

  4. what is an art director

  5. – I know a lot of different programs, mostly photoshop and illustrator… but w/out much knowledge of exact color for the printing process. And I know a little on 3D modeling in 3Dmax, After Effects, and the basics of flash, w/o knowledge of CSS. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in MAA, but my confidence in my own 2D and 3D have fallen since then. Because you need experience beforehand, I haven’t been able to land a job in art for over a year. Do you think that’s enough to become an Art Director?

  6. Does the Art Director do most of the actual art? Or just know enough to communicate with the group of artists, make the plans for the overall look, and make sure the artists are all completing the desired look? -cont.