Caffe Latte art tips on steaming micro foaming milk on the La Pavoni using toroid pitcher Espro

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  1. i love your coffee vids! thanks.

  2. – si, para controlar la temperatura

  3. Y todo ese cablerío que tienes al costado de la cafetera para que es?

  4. – I purchased it from Orphan Espresso dot com. Back when I bought it, I believe they were the only source in the USA (although I could be mistaken).

  5. Out of curiosity did you purchase yours from tool-coffee()com?

    Seems a very reasonable price, even has free shipping too which is always nice.

  6. – Oh yeah, I know the type you mean. I was going to buy one of those originally and then I ran across the Kyocera ceramic burr grinder. The Kyocera does a fantastic job, as long as the setting doesn’t change on you during grinding. I think part of my problem (initially) was that I was over tightening the adjustment knob (which ground off the bumps). If you only tighten it until the burrs just touch (which is a good point to grind beans), I think it will probably be fine.

  7. Thanks for the info on the grinder 🙂

  8. Yer I saw the video where you explained the modifications, seems like an effective method.

    The manual I have is a “Desk Top” grinder, you know the ones with a brass conical, and a little drawer to collect the grinds (And not very well either). It uses the typical screw thread design to adjust the grind, but the only way to tell how fine it is going to be is to try peer through the draw slot at the burrs. Has a very annoying tendency to come loose and adjust itself mid grind….

  9. – Yeah, they are nice grinders for sure. It’s the Kyocera CM-45 CF. You can buy them from Orphan Espresso – they are imported from Japan. You do need to make a couple of minor modifications, but nothing major. Just something to help hold the grind adjustment knob from changing position. And put a few marks on the parts with a black sharpie so you can index everything to the same location each time.

  10. Ever since I saw you using that manual grinder in one of your other vids, I’ve stopped using my automatic. They do such a better job, although adjusting grind accurately is a little harder.

    What’s the name of your hand held grinder?