Cling Wrap Art Technique

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  1. You can use it with different mediums and surfaces. I’ve done it on tile paper plastic craft foam and a lot more.

  2. I know you used a canvas for this, but could one use a photograph? Also, if we don’t use a watered down acrylic, or maybe a latex paint, would it become dimensional with small peaks?

  3. Hey Norm, give Ray a break…he’s introducing art to a new generation as a primitive. The more one learns, sometimes, homogenization of techniques is fatal.

  4. That’s good for you. Maybe you should get a YouTube channel started, get over 400 subscribers, and explain it to them. People care about creating the effects and using the techniques I place on my channel. Not the history of it. Cheers.

  5. This technique is called decalcomania, a technique invented by the surrealist to find shapes in abstraction. Sorry but it is not called ‘”cling wrap technique”, as you say. Do some research, please, you may learn something.

  6. yes. Watered down.

  7. did you use acrylic paint?

  8. Yea I use this a lot in layering.

  9. I will try that sometime!