Critique your painting series – art tips w/ Lachri – oil painting

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  1. Jason Morgan - Wildlife Art

    These crits are very valuable to artists, and usually cost people a lot !
    unbelievable that you spend so much time doing all this for free – hope
    everyone appreciates it Lisa

  2. Wrong title?

  3. WhiteFoxLover AJ

    Why did u put “time lapse demo by lachri” when it’s a critique?

  4. Lisa, Again we all appreciate your time and effort in creating the videos
    of these critiques. This is an opportunity for us all to be trained and
    re-trained on the importance of careful drawing skills when we paint or
    draw. I agree and appreciate that the loose brush strokes and the colors
    bring life to the painting. The warm (yellowed) highlights on the top of
    the goats and the cool (gray with purple-blue shades) shadows below give
    spark and life to this painting due to the complementary colors. 

  5. Instagram? 

  6. I can’t believe how many of the things she mentions in her various
    critiques I have started using my paintings…I need to send her a painting
    for critique. I don’t handle critiques as well as I’d like, but she seems
    to have a way with making you feel good about what you have done even as
    she points out the problems. My wife just says, “I don’t like the…”.
    Kinda stings although she means well. :)

  7. love your style and your helpful cratique. Wonderful things to consider as
    we start a painting. She did an awesome job for her first few paintings

  8. Chelsie Sorensen

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so so much! Im so star struck right now 🙂 I
    appreciate both the positive and negative comments. Drawing is defiantly my
    weak point in all my paintings. (Something to work on 😉 ) and I am glad
    you like my color choice! Thanks again!

  9. pleiadiantruth70x7
  10. Lachri Fine Art