Erin Manning’s Top 5 Posing and Directing Photography Tips

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  1. This is very helpful. Thank you. The model is stunning…who is she?

  2. thanks for this very helpful. 🙂

  3. Great tips

  4. Wonderful : )

  5. Great tips. I like the “pufferfish” technique. Great way to get a smile
    going before an interview or just to get those smile muscles working

  6. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.

  7. Great info thanks.

  8. @visdrew Thanks! That’s Jeanne and she is beautiful both inside and out 🙂

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  10. Well you better subscribe, because there are lots more to come in the very
    near future. 😉

  11. she is gorgeous wow!

  12. Almir Pereira Gomes

    In fact, but she´s more beatiful outside. And she have a very good sense of
    humor, that´s for me as a latin is not very normal thing to you american
    people…rsrsrsrsr Thanx Erin, was a very good explanation and gave me a
    good sense of direction. you´re the best.

  13. wow that was GREAT! thanks!!!

  14. Kool Tips!!!

  15. Rome Wilkerson-Photography

    Great tips.. I am a fan. -Rome

  16. hi, nice to see your videos

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  19. Great tips! Thank you!

  20. well i’m finally folowing me dream of becoming a photographer. I’m still
    getting used to the camera and so. I did once a portrait photoshoot with my
    girlfriend, it didn’t go that bad, fortunatly i’m a creative guy and i
    always find something to do. But i lack on experience. I’ll use this
    usefull tricks next time! To get to the top you have to pass through the
    basics first 🙂 BTW: subscribed 🙂 cheers from Portugal 🙂

  21. Thank you.. stupid dude was way too short, my picture looked like I had a
    double chin. I knew that He either had to stand on something higher. I wish
    I took his place.. ugh I want my money back!!!! wish I saw this before
    picture day!