Gavin Juju & Kida FREESTYLE – Art of Technique

Movie Score: four / five

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  1. What happend to the krumper??? In the catdaddy battle there were 4 of them???

  2. andthey all have their own style

  3. Was JUJU at 3:44 cut from the same mold as MJ or what?

  4. kris ur soooooooooo cute:)

  5. a body waver(kida) a body locker (kris) and a break dancer( gavin)

  6. Hope money and fame won’t get them away from the main reason they’re dancing.

  7. Go Kris

  8. taylor hubberttaylor

    the one with the blue shorts was cute !!

  9. Hahahahaha I cant stop laughing

  10. soooo…a body waver(kida), a body locker(kris, n a bboy(gavin)! wow dats a PERFECT CREW=)

  11. freaking kris… soo good

  12. Gavin;s popping…nice

  13. igorduzmoicanuz

    muito loko

  14. is that eminem behind there?..

  15. at 4:33 the guy at the back takes his shoe off and throws it up LOL

  16. 1:50 -1:57….WOW!!!!

  17. I would love to meet their parents. So many young parents need to involve their kids in dance early on so that they can develop the discipline needed for adult life early. Dance (as well as other activities) teach children to respect their body, teaches them to time management skills like arriving to sessions ON TIME…it teaches respect and support of others EVEN MORE SO THAN ORGANIZED SPORTS DOES.

  18. Kris is so adorable! 

  19. Wow they are really good!

  20. winthe90daychallenge

    omg you guys rock

  21. They funny

  22. tomarmstrong1992

    Jesus, these kids are amazing. How long have then been dancing? Keep it up!

  23. bone breaker, break dancer, popper and locker..!! They can only go up!!

  24. lol theyll discover girls and still breakdance its not GG cause they have so much swag in them they can do both at the same time!