How to Airbrush a Skull plus Art Tips

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  1. i should have watched this video over before i started my last skull, someone else told me i should have started with gray instead of black, i dont know why i didnt think about that, but this video makes sense…

  2. Fantastic video, very informative. Thank you so much.

  3. Keep the videos coming! Great help to us all!

  4. what part of oklahoma exactly

  5. * reasons

  6. Thank you for this great tutorial!
    I just began airbrushin a few weeks ago and I think with your tutorial I will become better soon.
    Your english is easy to understand (for me) and your reasens are understandable.

    really, it’s great!

  7. Where at in Oklahoma? luv your vids.

  8. hey i just got my airbrush in today.where can i buy the paint for them at? btw love the vids ive watched every single video of yours today!

  9. gread video i like how u explain in the first with the light and shadows and the stencil thing i was into graffitti a few years but its allready long time ago but it was the first u learnd abbout light and shadows and their effects to your painting so some of that stencil videos here on youtube really confussed me because i tryed to get what is the meaning abbout why they use the first stencil then the second and so far to me u explained it well but to me freehand looks more easier dont it ?!

  10. your a great tutor man, great vids, wish i could airbrush like you, keep it up !

  11. Thanks to b ther for uss.

  12. man i love ur videos.. i love how u take the time to emplane what ur doing…… keep up the good work and keep the vids coming lovin it

  13. RAD

  14. Viol3ntSolution

    your videos are awesome. thanks for sharing this stuff, i’ve learned alot of techniques from you that make airbrushing so much easier.

  15. this is the best tutorial i had and le most compleate and clear, thank and keep doing it 🙂

  16. Ok Basic Shapes I dont understand! That totally makes it complicated for me. Why not just use the shape it is? Does breaking it down into parts help you figure out where certain things go easier or what? Every drawing book talks about basic shapes and i never understood it. They always start with a circle. WHY? When the drawing doesnt even look like a circle? Please explain cause im lost!!!

  17. OMG FINALLY someone who understands!!!! Ryan i can tattoo and airbrush and everyone thinks im good but its all just stencils!!! I dont know why some peices turn out good and others dont. I dont understand ART. WHERE DO I START? I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO THINK LIKE AN ARTIST SO I AM THE MASTER OF MY OWN PROJECT AND NOT THE STENCIL 🙂 HELP ME!!!!!

  18. BerserkCustomPaint

    My airbrush advice videos answer all of these questions and yes you can use the eraser on metal.

  19. Hey Ryan, great video! Its awesome to watch someone work with the airbrush and teach you the tips of the trade. I am just starting out, and have a decent background it art, but nothing in airbrushing. What do you suggest is a great airbrush to purchase that you can get the fine detail with? Also, what type of eraser is that? Can it be used on metal panels? Keep up the great work and vids. Detroit says hello!

  20. BerserkCustomPaint

    I don’t know that they teach airbrush in colleges anymore. I live in Oklahoma though. I may be able to hook up some private lessons.

  21. where can a guy go to learn the basics like a college or technical school? perferrably in oklahoma

  22. Thank you Ryan for taking the extra time to explain each step, and break them down into understandable pieces. You are a big help and huge inspiration. I know it’s hard to paint and keep the airbrush out ot the way to be able to show the work, but maybe you could talk to the cameraman. 😉 Thanks again.

  23. This is amazing. It makes so much sense the way you explain it. Thank you.

  24. this helped me a lot with light and shading thanx for the help

  25. cool thanks for replying just making sure i wasn’t making a bad habit