How to Body Paint : Face Painting: Body Art Tips

Movie Score: 3 / five

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  1. is it safe to paint your own eye`s?? with copper or silver color?

  2. um…3 minutes to dry?? what the heck kind of paints are you using??!!!

  3. i did this after i saw this video and my friend love!!!! i like it 2 🙂

  4. holy fuck i wanna fuck you so bad…maybe you can paint my genitals as i slowly caress your tits?

  5. Wow, yeah two thumbs down, “OK” face painting with bad products, also note the “henna” design was black – either PPD-laced henna not paint/ink…

  6. Christine Von Lossberg

    Get it from Snazaroo, Silly Farm has all of them. Look up the incredible face painting on the Snazaroo site..this girl is not that good, very sloppy/gluppy work. Sorry. Don’t know what kind of paint she is using..doesn’t look right to me. Kryolon irridecents are awesome and Snazaroo. They help you there too.

  7. JeffNeroHardy07

    what paint is this i from bulgaria but i can’t find paint for body ;(

  8. she sucks

  9. deathsblackraven

    alot of face paints have the same kind of cap as acrylic paints i cant remeber the brand names but the bottles looked identical to craft paint

  10. Lynne Dee Barrett

    What products are you using on this video? This looks like craft paint! NEVER use Craft paint on SKIN! “non-toxic” doesn not mean SAFE ON SKIN! Only use FDA approved/compliant Face Paint (which is not paint actually -it’s MAKE UP!) Please don’t subject our children to possible dangerous reactions! SAFETY FIRST!

  11. head2toepainter

    She’s using acrylic paint. (I can tell from the cap) That is SO wrong!!
    Use FDA compliant/approved face paints, NOT ACRYLIC! Acrylic paint is bad for the skin as it contains pigments NOT approved for use on skin. (My sister-in-law broke out in a horrible rash because a painter used it on her.)You will be sued for allergic reactions and LOSE, because you didn’t use the right product.

  12. Looks very nice! Which pink paint did you used for the flower?