Hungary introduces new photography law

Starting from today, a brand new law in Hungary makes it illegal to click snaps without receiving permission from everyone in the snap. This civil code makes the job of photojournalists and street photographers more complicated and allowing a whole lot of litigation.

This news was first revealed in a leading UK based newspaper. This new law just expands the present code that stops t he publication of snaps without permission. According to reports, the officials of the justice ministry stated that it is merely codifies existing court practice.

However, Hungarian photographers do not agree with this new rule. They call this new rule as vague and obstructive. The actual trouble lies with that word as civil code do not specify what exactly is considered illegal and what is not.

Speaking to a UK based newspaper, a Hungarian photogrphert told that the rules are not clear to him. There are even reports that judges are even privately stating that they have no idea how to judge cases under this new regulation.

The primary issues with the new law are 2 – fold. Well, 1st the code clears the door for any person on the road to register complaints anytime a journalist clicks a snap with them in it. And 2nd, this code further complicates taking snaps of police. Already, journalists have to blur polices’ faces when they click their snaps. Even this law has been under criticism because it keeps police to keep journalists as well as public from recording their actions.

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