Intermediate DVD Promo- Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

Online video Score: four / five

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  1. I’d love to get a few of his dvds but damn, 90 bucks for an instructional dvd? With practice (years, most likely) you could figure out quite a bit on your own but I really want the shortcuts. Too bad I’m too poor.

  2. Is that a sock? lol.

  3. … WILD …

  4. SoMuchBettaThanUChic

    could u put your songs up, i would buy them or whatever those are reallly cool too!

  5. paint. just dip your finger into some paint on a tray or something.

  6. “the stars are at your fingertips”. nice one.

  7. He should offer them online for like 9.99. Or something like that.

  8. really? good artist and good musician haha. what program did you use to make your beats?

  9. when you first started your hobby/profession, how did you go about selling your work?

  10. thanks, the song I made with a program it doesnt have a name.

  11. @xPBMproductions its not newspaper. its gossy magazine paper.

  12. so lovely

  13. the paintings and music together remind me of old Mortal Kombat games. lol

  14. awesome tutorial on spray painting, the songs used for these vids, wats the name of it?

  15. You rule!!

  16. this was just the promo @Serkix

  17. really? you cant read??

  18. 0:12

  19. voice

  20. wow, thats amazing

  21. thats because its a pormotional video for his DVD where he exlains everything

  22. Are these DVDs explained in voice or text? I wanna buy one

  23. Are these DVDs explained in voice? Or in text? I really want to buy one.

  24. 671spraypaintart

    your DVD’s are too expensive..
    if it were cheaper i would buy it..
    your paintings are Amazing.

  25. that’s because it’s just a promo. If you want to learn you nedda buy the actual DVD.