Kelowna wildlife snap wins at the SPCA contest

A pack of Western Bluebirds rested around a bird bath, revealing their colorful feathers as they snuff out their thirst. Laurie Schretlen of Kelowna clicked this stunning snap, catching a personal moment in time which snatched the 1st position in BC SPCAs 2013 Wildlife-in-Focus Photography competition in Backyard Habitats category.

Competition contestants served raise US$ 3900 for wild animals in need in British Columbia, passing on almost seven hundred snaps. BC SPCA manager of wildlife services Sara Dubois told that they live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and are surrounded by such a diversity of wildlife throughout the province. The snaps of their local wild animals that were captured by such a wide range of photographers are absolutely magnificent.

Wild Settings and Backyard Habitats – both categories 1st prize winner would be featured in BC SPCAs AnimalSense magazines spring/summer issue. The top 3 in every category would get a good prize which could have a point-and-shoot camera from Broadway Camera, a handbag from Astrosatchel, a Wild ARC prize pack or even subscriptions to either Canadian Art Magazine or Canadian Geographic Magazine.

Local entrants who got honorable mention were Kelownas Stephen Joseph Richard and Peachlands Tania Simpson.

The competition runs from June till September every year and advocates contestants to actively explore beaches, roadsides, green spaces as well as their own yards to see magnificent images of local wildlife in such close proximity of humans. Local wildlife includes mammals, amphibians, free living birds, fish, reptiles as well as insects but not feral, domestic or exotic animals.


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