Landscape Photography Tips: Creative Composition

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  1. SavannahBananaMB4L

    “We have those clouds….in the sky” really I though they were on the ground

  2. BarrieVideoTours

    Thanks for the tips.

  3. clouds…….in the sky.

  4. yo i think the best it’s take the picture whit out the lightroom think about this when you goma make another video

  5. zoom h1 in hand : D

  6. ThePhotoXpeditions

    Wow! I love the ideas. Thank you for the tips!

  7. Praveen Venugopal

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  8. Great video, iv just got my self a nex-7 im new to photography i went for the nex-7 due to me doing a lot of travelling and it being small. but if you could help me out, is there any light room other then Adobe for free just why im getting into it? or cheaper?

  9. all I learnt here is that computers are as Homer says: a magical box.

  10. in the olden days, before photoshop & digital cameras, we did all are “over-processing” in the Dark-Room. ;p

  11. unless over-processing is what the photographer is looking for in hisher photo 😉

  12. You should study what true photography is then, if that’s really how you feel.

  13. That was outstanding . Cheers!!!

  14. thelittleperfections

    I have to agree with you in this statement.

  15. come by my channel for tips and tricks thanks steve please subscribe for more videos

  16. why F22? To compensate with the 2 seconds? If you shoot at F22, you will lose alot of detail. Better use ND Filters (4/6/8) to get the 2 seconds exposure and shoot at F8-F11 max. More detail, image more sharper and less distortion from the lens.

  17. unless you shoot .jpeg

  18. no professional photographer doesnt post process their images. as the other guy said. get with the program. get your head out of your ass.

  19. Perfect shot 1:28 ?

  20. You’re an idiot. Get with the times.

  21. How about a free screen recording program?

  22. photographerjonathan

    people just love to bash processing, but to me you took a so so picture and turned it into something worth looking at, what you did with it in my opinion is better looking than how it actually looked, so I would say overall, nicely done ( whats the camera and lens you used ) and whats the video and audio set up ?

  23. For those of you bashing processing your pics: old-school film photographers do the same thing with filters and development techniques. The processing isn’t the problem, it is learning to not cross the fine line that is overprocessing.

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