Landscape Photography Using the Humble 50mm Lens (by Karl Taylor).

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  1. Henry Stradford

    Nice shot!

  2. thank you

  3. Claudio AGMFilho

    great video Recife Brazil south america …

  4. gayatrikumar1

    you can do 2 or 3 sweep shots and combine them in pp later for wide angle affect. this works well with tele lens as wel

  5. I know, i have one 1.4 myself, and it’s very good indeed. Thanks for the tip man! 😀

  6. Love the tripod! Can you let me know the brand?

  7. Mike Whittington

    I’m guessing that with a remote control, you could pick up that water quicker!

  8. Awesome video! I got inspired! I only have 50mm lens at the moment since I’m just starting. I’d like to try such concept this weekend. Thank you Karl! I’ll be subscribing now! More power! 🙂

  9. mackadangdang671

    what do you think about the nikon D600?

  10. Someone should start a pancake lens challange

  11. Where is he ?? .. The beach is awesome *-*

  12. …and thats why my 24-105 is always in my bag 🙂 Wide angle, check. Tight crop, check 🙂 Great vid once again!

  13. Issaminho Ohara


  14. I like what you said about not always using just a really wide lens for landscapes. Sure it’s cool to take in the entire scene, but if that’s all you do at a location then there’s a lot going to waste. On my camera I use a 12-24mm lens. That’s a great range to capture a vista and then focus in on something.

  15. Since he was timing it to take pictures as the water was on its way out, and how the waves and water are somewhat unpredictable, even with a 2 second delay he might not have gotten the moment captured that he’d most want. A remote or just pressing the button would be necessary in this case to start the exposure at exactly the right moment. A delay would work fine for long exposures of stationary or slowly moving things, though, such as stars or rippling water.

  16. August Marchetti

    Great video, or videos rather! Thanks so much for sharing. I normally don’t comment on videos but I have been researching for a solid tripod – just curious what kind of tripod you are using in this video? Thanks!

  17. GreatPhotographyTips

    sorry it was meant to say f14

  18. need an wireless remote shutter for my eos 550D .. any recommendations? =D

  19. Ashkan Ahmadi

    not necessary. you could leave it on 2 or even 10 seconds self-timer. it’s the same.

  20. Great shot Karl with the 50mm see you at the NEC Birmingham.

  21. Robert Rudnik

    Perfect 🙂 Can’t wait to see it, Karl 🙂

  22. Neat 🙂 I might wanna break out the ol’ nifty-fifty for some landscape 🙂 Thanks man! Also I do believe that the 50mm is an amazing focal lenght for just about anything ^^ Love my fifty!

  23. Lovely video!

  24. It’s actually alot easier with a higher zoom lens. Just moving the camera 3 inches with an ultra wide can ruin the composition.

  25. we could see the major disappointment in your face for having forgotten the wide angle, kudos for trying to make lemonade out of lemons, your end result was ok but the foreground rock being OOF (short DOF) didnt work for me personally, I do love your vids though dude