Merrill Art: Cool Mixed Media Painting Technique

Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. Pavol Gajdoš

    Your son ?

  2. WingsOfFusion

    That is amazing. :O I’m glad i subbed to you. I’m wannabe manga artist and my focus is mostly on Digital art. it’s nice to see and hear different techniques.

  3. PerfectDream1990

    i like this stuff better than your other stuff. you can just feel there is more passion in it.

  4. Merrill try to lighten up a little bit your image before printing, prints always go darker in tone than in the computer screen, i enjoyed this video a lot, you seem to love your work. good luck (:

  5. Kambren Rowlan

    You should defiantly be more famous.

  6. I’m so jealous of your printer! I have a few questions about your process once you print the image. First, is your canvas primed before or after the printing? Second, do you stretch the canvas on stretcher bars, or adhere it to a panel? Lastly, do you apply any sort of medium to act as a sealant or barrier between the print and the paint?

  7. ComicPortalex

    I actually have been kicked out of my classroom. In my school it still happens.

    I could tell this took a long time!!

  9. TylersArtShack

    It sure is! 

  10. that’s a huge printer

  11. Fantastic video! Seen parents like this across the table too. Enjoy the step by steps but love seeing these videos – seeing the decision making going on. Love the blend of traditional and digital. They are all just tools for us to use however the hell we want and you embrace that! Keep doing whatever you got to do to get your art out!

  12. Angelofdeth20

    i want to draw and write manga when i get good enough. how well do you think an american made manga would be taken either here or overseas. how would i get better at my craft? can i practice a “wrong” way?

  13. your work is great! self portrat looks great! i cannot draw. your students are lucky to have a great teacher. greengossipgrl*twitter

  14. so ur saying that if i supply more kidneys it will be ok? hahah daughter has two..u dont need two..i;ll get back to u..LEEAAAAHHH…

  15. Holy crap this is awesome!!!!!!!! You have to do more of these videos!!!!!!

  16. Jay, I only have one kidney left after buying that printer!

  17. Jay, I only have one left after buying that printer! 🙂

  18. Jay, I only have one left after buying that printer! 🙂

  19. Thank you Teresa, that means a lot. I am trying to do multiple step by step videos this summer as well so that I can upload them once per week over the course of the year and have more time for FUN stuff like this!

  20. GraphiteAwakening

    Thumbs up for getting back to what _you_ want to do Merrill and one for the artwork, too! I really like the way you teach (glad to hear that there’s more of your step-by-step vids coming) but art is all about getting what’s inside of you into some kind of medium to be appreciated so, keep on keepin’ on, man – I’ll keep watching!

  21. I have been barely using it, but that is going to change! Mixed media is the way to go! Sticking to one medium limits artists, each media has its strengths and weaknesses.

  22. sheesh! Google has EVERYTHING! 🙂

  23. I MISS teaching art in a classroom because the smell of an art room is SO DIFFERENT than the smell of a general education classroom! You are not the only one Teresa!

  24. you should gett really super pro and start sellling your pieces. but you have to be really good. your art will start blowing up and youll hecome super famouse.

  25. Oh Wow! this is certainly something special with what you do with those photo pieces….You’ve given me some ideas as I’d never ever thought of doing that! Amazing and yes your own work is important so aim to produce your own art because every Artist needs there own work to be out there for all to see. It’s certainly something I’m working more on with my own Graphic Novel efforts….keep up the great work Merril!