Nail Art Tips and Tricks!

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  1. Maybe you need to keep a nail file in your purse!

  2. Holy crapoli, girl! Whenever anything is wrong with your nails, you just rip it off? you poor thing!

  3. i said that in the video?? oops, sorry!

  4. you said “recondation” its “recommendation”.

  5. sorry like to be watching your video like too late but, i just noticed you on facebook cause llike right now i have this obsession like with big nail art designs and i saw yours on facebook and then i found you in here, and im obsessed with your work, you are awesomee! and like im taking all of your tips , cause im just a starter so THANKS

  6. moochiwuvschachi

    Best opposite hand trick ever!

  7. yes! out the door is the best! I get the large one for $9.99 sometimes its on sale at Sally’s beauty supply.

  8. For your left hand you can use a sandwich bag. Paint the design on. Wait for it to dry at least two hours and can also use this for you right hand so that you don’t risk messing up your nail as you wait for them to dry.

  9. great video! I love your nail art!

  10. OMG i’ve never thought of that! love the idea, going to start doing that 🙂 thank you!

  11. My tip would be to use one of your super fine brushes soaked in acetone when cleaning up the sides of your nails and cuticles as it saves you from having to buy q-tips although I would still recommend them for any bigger clean ups 🙂 xo