Feb 15

Aaron’s Art Tips Season2 E13 – Creating textures with Photoshop Texture Brushes.

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Feb 15

Wildlife snaps on display at Dietrich Theater

There are no shortages of stunning images when it comes to Joan and Jim Borden photography.

Together, the duo avidly pursued their love by clicking the natural world in the northeastern part of the United States and Canada, that includes Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Vermont, and now their images are on display till the end of March at Dietrich Theater, Tunkhannock.

When questioned regarding their most loved photographic shoot, both of them agreed that clicking the snap of moose in Maine has been very exciting. Going remote streams by canoe and being able to get very close to moose was a real highlight of their photographic raids. Regionally, a favorite spot of theirs is Lake Carey in winter before the ice melts, a habitat rich with sightings of eagles, owls and small birds. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Journeys To Abstraction: Abstract Art Techniques And Education

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Dec 14

Travel Photography: Tips and Techniques

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Dec 14

Photography Award given for a cause

Bravery is a virtue possessed by some and those who are ailing or suffering from a chronic disease are perhaps the bravest of all.

This spirit was encouraged and celebrated by the Hoyt Center for Arts in association with Jameson Health System and the New Castle YMCA when they organized the 2nd annual Expressions of Courage competition. This competition invited photographers of all age group to submit photographs of any patient or medical consultant who has been suffering from or treating any kind of chronic disorder or disability. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were awarded and all the entries were displayed in the Hoyt Atrium and in the upper level corridor of the new wing of the North Campus of Jameson’s Health System.

Jack Reynolds a freshman at the Seneca Valley has been named as a honorable mention winner in this competition. His unique presentation won him this acclaim. He had photographed the frail hands of his grandmother who suffered from diabetes which is indeed a chronic disease. He titled this outstanding piece of art as “One Drop at a Time”. His creative work will also be displayed among the various entries.

This concept of the expressions of courage is wonderful and a great initiative taken by Hoyt and Jameson Health System. The Executive Director of Hoyt, Kimberly Koller Jones said that the competition was not just about the photographic excellence but also the touching story behind it. She further mentioned that the everyday acts of courage shown by such patients affected by chronic disease inspired them to organize a concept like this.

Nov 14

Erin Manning’s Top 5 Posing and Directing Photography Tips

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Oct 14

10 Macro Photography Tips

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