Photography Tips: Photomerge a panorama in Photoshop (Pt.2)

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  1. Linda T – sorry can’t answer your comments. I think you need to check your
    Google+ settings. There’s a link to part 1 at the start of the video but
    you need annotations switched on to see and use it. Or on my site at

  2. I have just started doing these type of photos and use Elements to merge
    the shots, it works in exactly the same way. Very easy. Thanks Mike. 

  3. Tremendous video as always! I’ve been using Photoshop for years and used to
    do this manually lining up layers and blending, I didn’t even know that
    automatic option was in there. I’m going to have a very fun panorama filled

  4. Panayiotis Gotsis

    For all those not able to purchase photoshop, there is an opensource and
    free software called hugin which does the job as well. It is worth to check
    it out, though I would say that it caters more to the tech savvy.

  5. Just a hint: Once you have flatten the image in PS, save the image in TIF
    format, and re-open it with adobe camera raw (with the “open as” command”.
    Post processing in camera raw is often a lot quicker and easier than
    working with PS ;-)

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  7. The Post Color Blog

    Mike, I was already aware of this technique, but this video has absolutely
    motivated me to go my local downtown (or maybe beach…I haven’t decided
    yet) and take a panoramic photo!! Thanks! :P

  8. Very useful video. Nice results! Thank you.

  9. Michael Didomenico

    I use Lightroom 5.4 instead of Photoshop CC. How could this be done in

  10. TheTeenageWizard // Guns of Icarus Online

    Lovely video!

  11. Fidily Ditily

  12. Hi Mike, I sent you so many messages for a course. please check it and
    contact me. I need your email to send you my location information
    (Birmingham, UK) to have the course with you. Thanks. 

  13. Johannes Gustavsson

    For those of you that’s looking for a free panorama stitching software I
    can recommend Microsoft ICE (Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor)

    Hugin is another alternative, but it has a steeper learning curve.

  14. Mike you are best photography teacher in youtube ! 

  15. Yet another thing I learned from you. Thanks!

  16. Great video mike. I use cs6 to do it. Works like a charm. Can a nodal axel
    do it better?

  17. mike I got some stuff from you a few month ago but my pc crashed and I lost
    all my gear never had it backed up but I have now. could you help me ???

  18. Semi skimmed lol, love it. Another great video!

  19. Great tutorial! Thank you for the tips. Much appreciated!

  20. Nice vid so helpful

  21. Lojz tetičkovič
  22. chaurasia hariprasad

    did you focus on the nearest rock or the island? the far left image shows
    the sand to be very sharp and i thought that’s where you focused. but the
    tree on the tip is pretty sharp, too. Did you change focus, and what
    aperture did you use>?

  23. Nice vid as always! You know, your and Phillip McCordall youtube cuts teach
    me about fotography more than any photoshoot courses. Great thanks for it!

  24. Mauricio Ahumada

    Hello Girls and Boys

    Please forgive me for not getting this Photomerging film out last time as
    promised. The Burma Photo tour had to come first because time is short.
    More on that below…

    I’m in Switzerland running my popular Zurich workshop this weekend so film
    day has come forward from Sunday.

    Burma (Myanmar) Photo Tour

    Wow – loads of you have signed up for more information so Simon and I can
    confirm it will happen – probably last week of September.

    If you missed last week’s announcement please visit

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    Best wishes …


  25. MnR1Productions

    Hi Mike did you know you could have inverted this image and used content
    aware fill and filled in the missing bits so you would not need to crop
    away the image