Retro Inspired Water Marbling Nail Tutorial

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  1. So frustrated:( tried doing this for 2 hours without any luck. Tried several different temps of water, different types of cups/ bowls. Every time the polish would just sit and not disperse. Any other tips? Does the polish need to be brand new maybe?

  2. I tried doing this and i failed miserably..
    Tried about 5 times till i rage quit…

  3. Hmmm, it seems to work better when you don’t keep putting in polish til it can no longer spread… a little goes a long way i guess.

  4. BlackStarDIva13

    I so have to try this!

  5. SamanthaSimon1011

    Also did u use tap water? Sorry i skiped through the directions… Ur supose to use room tempertured filtered water or just get bottled water and have it sit until its room temp.

  6. That could be because you dropped from too high. I had this problem at first. Try dropping a bit closer to the water. 🙂

  7. i tryed it my nails r sooo cute

  8. good tk you ^^

  9. I tried to do it but when i put the nailpolish it just sat there like a small bubble…:/

  10. our nails awesome right!

  11. my mom did it with us! SO MUCH NAILPOLISH EVERYWHERE SO MUCH WATER EVERYWHERE! but even my mom didnt care cause our nails looked awesome! PLUS I HAD TO TEACH 4 DIF PEEPZ HOW TO DO IT I WAS EXHAUSTED I BARELY DID MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!! but in the end we all had beautiful nails after that we had to all clean up the whole proccess not including cleanup took 3 HOURS! SINCE IT WAS ALL THE POEPLE AND ALL THE NAILS AND 1 AT A TIME SINCE I HAD TO TEACH em an cleanup was 15 minutes the next day everyone liked

  12. OMG im 10 years old and my school is doing this thing about the 70’s and im so going to do this one i have marbled before with my mom and it does get messy when 2 poeple are doing it! i have mastered it and when i first did it and it actually looked doable my friends wanted to know how i did it! they made a fuss about it and i was so ambarrased so i told em to shut up and we had a sleepover all 5 of us and i taught them! u know how i said it was messy with 2 peepz? IMAGINE IT WITH 6 PEEPZ!!!!!!!

  13. Christine Caplan

    go to simplelittlepleasures channel. she has such good nail vids

  14. This is so cool i’m gonna try it this weekend thx for the tutorial!! 😀

  15. i cannot figure iut how to do this

  16. JujuSuperstarzz

    @annamanaios You don’t have to put a top coat, only it would be better if you did because it protects the design.

  17. JujuSuperstarzz

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought Arizona iced tea 😀

  18. It doesn’t work I tried so many times and what do you do when your nail polish doesn’t spread out?

  19. Georgia Bushell

    hey when your picking up the excess nail polish it helps if you blow on it for about 5 - 10 seconds before! x

  20. when it is the same temp as your house

  21. when it is the same temp as your house

  22. Very cool design I’m going to try your

  23. Cool

  24. room temperature is when the liquid reaches the temperature of the room…lol. usually liquids are room temp when they’re left in a room for 30 minutes…depending on how hot or cold it was to start.