Taiwan Special 1/3 – Tips on Travel Photography (Ep.1)

Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. nice observation… I love these guys, even learn from them when I pay attention

  2. who said anything about it being based in USA

  3. in a vid I just watched (canon 50mm 1.2L one I think), he mentioned he was in aperture mode I think. In at least 5+ videos including this one, he mentioned using P mode

  4. Hey! I’m wondering what mode do you shoot the most (for street photography)? Thanks!

  5. LouisAndFriends101

    or the Australian one, Uk is the best :D

  6. Top Gear UK not USA… 😛

  7. Is Lok a FS fans? Normally you won’t get into Approaching documents unless you’re playing with FS…

  8. couple behind y’all @ 10:00 …
    they’re wearing University of Texas shirts !!!
    as an alumni & aspiring photographer from UT …
    m/ Hook ‘Em m/

  9. i think he uses both brands.

  10. Does anybody else find his perfect british accent amusing? Either that or he’s dubbed? :D

  11. NorthEastRegional

    Great job on all 3 parts, keep the Digital Rev name, the suggestions below will end up making this informative show look a bit more copy catting, so yep! Thanks for everything and keep up with the great content, photos and videos Kai, Alamby and Lok!

  12. AValentinoFilms

    Poor Lok!

  13. Since this is like top gear except with cameras shouldn’t there be a name for this like Top F-stop or top Aperture or just Top Stop sounds the best

  14. nalana merannage

    That’s just too insulting to the shirt

  15. love the facial expressions eating the blood cake lol….

  16. MegaMonkeyExtreme

    Isn’t Kai the co-producer…

  17. yeah, but the host can take photos where clarkson can’t drive.

  18. when i travel, i take 1 x leica m6. 1 x 28mm elmarit. 1 or 2 rolls of spare film in my backpack when i’m out. that’s all.

  19. My gawd I cannot go on w de video after the first 5 minutes… The video is so shaky up and down when the one who hold it not Lok (walking at de street at night)… Zzzzzzzzzzz ..thanks for spinning my head

  20. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. In germany you would call him “knipser”. He isn’t making pictures, he’s snapping them. Well, to each its own.

  22. I love this show!

  23. You should’ve met up with Mordeth13, lol

  24. I’ve been to Taiwan before. The locals speak very good English…