The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art

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  1. It’s all backwards. The sale shouldn’t be the ultimate purpose of art. It’s not the starting point of an inspiration but it’s a byproduct (a pleasant reward). Fitting art into a shopping bag is a huge dishonesty on the artist’s part and contributes to distorting the pure artistic expression. It would work if your only goal is to get rich fast but I guarantee you: your art will be forgotten within a generation if you don’t create things honestly, only to the liking of dull audiences.

  2. Your point is?
    Well, he sure sells a lot now eh? So, I guess he WAS a failure but now is not. Basing art judgement on money is dumb. Plenty of artists of all sorts were huge failures in terms of money but later very famous. Your ear comment denotes you as stupid and with a Hillbilly perspective on art and artists. Stems from knowing your little life will never get noticed apart from being a troll.

  3. Van Gogh’s art didnt sell anything when he was alive with both ears.

  4. donovanlong4435

    @hoshansky im on the start tryi.g to get in to the art game and im about to start a website. but can u tell me when and how did u get your first big sell?

  5. I meant simple :-)

  6. Some useful info here. Simply things that one tends to overlook.

  7. Thank you for sharing.

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  9. You are a business…yeah, right tell that to Van Gogh.
    Great artists are HUMBLE; clearly he hasn’t read many biographies of artists.

  10. his art is seriously complete crap.

  11. thank you very interesting

  12. Around 4:30 he’s talking about knowing who you’re planning to sell your art to… I don’t think that’s quite as important as he makes it out to be. What you’ve got to remember is that whatever you’re passionate about, there are likely to be a lot of other people that are passionate about the same things, so to sort of guess at it and market yourself towards an unfamiliar demographic seems like a bad idea. Stick with what you know and evolve on your own terms.

  13. Check out this book: “How To Become a Famous Artist and Still Paint Pictures”

    Tell me how you liked it 😉

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  16. Great info thank you!

  17. Thank you.

  18. This video has changed my life!! I’ve been re-energized and I’m more determined thane ever to get my art out there. Thanks a million times over!!!!

  19. This is a great talk with so much great info for artists and entrepreneurs alike!


  21. Why are you sending me so many messages? Most of this crap is common sense that is if you have a brain. So deal with it. I’m done talking to you. dueces.

  22. WonderWomanFan4life

    and if everyone and their dog knew why do YOU suppose companies hire advertising firms, marketing specialists, marketing research teams, and do promos? Ads? So duhhh everyone doesnt know this is basic Ad101 but lets face it supply and demand

  23. WonderWomanFan4life

    nice info i like it.. how does one pronounce your name Adrian
    is it SALA Moo no vick? is that Polish? nice name. i have an odd last name too. people always change the pronunciation. thats why i like to ask

  24. WonderWomanFan4life

    if you know it thats great but trust me there are some from older generation who didnt grow up in this era and they find it all confusing. so glad that you’re so advanced. instead of being negative perhaps you can give some tips

  25. Most of this crap is common sense.