Three Phases, Original Acrylic Abstract Painting Techniques by Peter Dranitsin

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  1. thank you, and please be sure to check out more videos at abstractartlesson(dot)com

  2. Awesome work, great lesson for us.

  3. thanks for the awnser i love your paintings and i was inspired by you to start painting myself

  4. good question, the answer is the difference in lighting. When I take pictures of the painting I have different lights and the painting is hanged vertically.

  5. do you do something to the painting at the end because in the picture of the final product the colors always look darker

  6. soft

  7. Thank you for your nice comment! I am delighted that you find my videos helpful. As far as your question, usually I have a blurry idea of what I am about to paint. Sometimes I just go straight with whatever comes but the painting turns out usually batter when I think of some type of theme or idea. Even when I do have an idea I usually end up with something completely different at the end 🙂

  8. i love your art ad i am so glad you show us how to do some of the neat things you do! you have been a huge inspiration to me and i have recently started painting. thank you again for the tutorials, they have been wonderful! (and i LOVE that song!) do you have ideas of what you want to paint before you start, or do you just start painting and make it up as you go along?

  9. is this all heavy body acrylic?

  10. you welcome thank you for watching!

  11. not a problem 🙂

  12. great lesson, thanks

  13. omg

  14. Thank you so much for answering ;)))

  15. you welcome!

  16. thank you for your comments!

  17. any sponge will do

  18. grocery stores

  19. where do you buy those bottles ?

  20. What kind of sponge do you use?
    I am getting alot of air bubbles with the sponges I have tried

  21. tammielawson1976


  22. Love your art. Thanks for sharing the technigues!

  23. usually wet it

  24. your art is gret just one question when you use a sponge to blend do u wet it or jus use it dry

  25. I am delighted, thank you for watching and leaving me your comments!