Thrilling mad Fine Art seascape painting

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  1. You are not only a good painter but also a good entertainner! Thank you for sharing your talent with us even though I am an artist myself! Best wishes

  2. I like your paintings… and your nut personality!!!!

  3. this is painting with real passion!!!!!!

  4. wtf

  5. I have the keyyyy.. haaa, what a passion, i love it!!..

  6. :D:D

  7. wonderful!

  8. ChristopherDRPeel

    great work mate.

  9. lol

  10. No, he is just your typical artist. 🙂

  11. love your work ..

  12. …very good ! great artist ! you can see my art to… in youtube…” Ferreira nartista naif “

  13. funny guy

  14. lmfao

  15. say no to drugs

  16. Great painting

  17. Kathryn Stutland

    i am sooo happy i found your channel!!

  18. Fantastic! Wanted here, there and try to find someone who paints with his soul, I was already so lost that inspiration for some time I tried to find again, that video has become a source inspiration for me, because we must paint with joy and pure feeling, good work? who does not work that way! is amusing.

  19. magicvideocontact

    I love your art! Thank you!

  20. Bob ross after 20 cups of coffee! This guy is totally an inspiration! I’m gonna go paint now.

  21. Brilliant video! It is quite uplifting and looks like a complete blast!

  22. It sure is, I love looking at art like that!

  23. KarolinaGracjana

    cool stuff.. I like I like…..

  24. its brilliant, this guy dont sit down and paint, hes using energy and assualting that canvas. A bit like Van gogh’s technique, yea?

  25. Thanks for the invitation, Mark – it sounds inspiring up there and well worth a visit. Best wishes with your work.

    And thanks all for the comments and for taking the time to view the video. Let’s go fine art painting!