Walter Chandoha and His Passion for Photography that Started Even Before the Internet Era

Walter Chandoha was born in 1920 in New York and is known as the famous photographer.

With perseverance and persuasion, he became able to take photographs of his pet cats and subsequently made them his subjects of photography. In 1963, he produced his most famous work namely “The Mob”.

In his entire career, he has taken more than 200,000 pictures. His hobby started growing from his earlier days when he was a student of the New York University. With many magazine covers and books and advertisements, he quickly became famous as a cat photographer of the country.

It has to be kept in mind that Walter Chandoha was clicking pictures of cats long before the cat photography became a sensation on the internet. According to him, there used to be a period when cats were considered to signify anything. He had done many photoshoots for around 500 companies. There was also a time when the pet food was the theme of his photographs.

Although he had many cats in different times of his life, his first cat photography revolved around a cat named Loco whom he found while it was in a vulnerable and feeble condition. He took the cat to his home in Astoria. After it had come to the normal condition, he started clicking its photos, and soon the pictures became famous as those got published.

Now looking back Chandoha recalls that it was his cats that are the real reasons behind the popularity of his photos.

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