Water Marble Nail art tips

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  1. jenny rasmussen

    she said in the beginning, room temp. 🙂

  2. friendlybeanrocks24

    I would recommend tape.. I tried with Vaseline and it was really hard to clean up around the nails. Tape you just have to peel it off and you’re done

  3. I have a question… Should i add a top coat?


  5. rockprincess626

    whenever i try this the nail polish just comes out and sticks to the toothpick

  6. Nice!

  7. umm , u might have to do it a bit faster when droping the nailpolish in but maybe ur nail polish is too thing .

  8. its not working for me some of the colors spread out for me but when i go to make a design it dont work

  9. wats water temperature cold or hot..!

  10. elliepepperpepper

    If you put a bit of nail varnish emover in the nail varnish, it thins it out, it works:-)

  11. Mine is perfect except when i put my finger in the nail polish judt makes a big blob and i clear the edges of the water. plzz help.

  12. O.P.I nail polishes work best You can get them at Sephora Or anywhere In MY opinion O.P.I nail polish works best though.

  13. ahhhhh you make this look so easy!!! I have gone out and purchased all new nail polishes just to do this and when I get to the second blob, it just sits…. SOOOO annoyed!!! I’ve even gone out and got nail thinner to put in my polish and its just junk! But Im sure if I watch your video enough, I will get it… I hope! THanks!!

  14. i think that vaseline or lotion could work. i’ve never tried it myself but i think it would be good and easier to work with than tape!

  15. it is probably the nail polish. if it is thick and not liquidy it wont be good for marbling

  16. Dose anyone know if yoy apply vaseline/ lotion around your nail and your finger will that preent from the varnish from getting around your finger? and nail? I know you should put tape, but i heard someone saying you could do that, though i’m not sure. Please respond 😉

  17. It dosen’t matter about what colour you use, you can use for example light pink, but instead of adding one drop, you may add 3 drops, for the colour to look mmore visable. 😉 I hope that helps.

  18. Thanks for making this video!

  19. i never knew about this! its so easy! why isnt it more popular!! 🙂

  20. I’ve heard that Art Deco polish works well, too. Anyway, this is amazingly cool, I’ll have to try it once my nails grow out! 

  21. do u hav to do da same process for “each nail” ?

  22. hello… i am from India. And i don’t know much about nail art. But i am interested in doing nail art. Will u plz tell me that what type of nail colour should be used for doing water marble nail art.. i hv only normal nail colours which doesn’t give any shades in water

  23. WeDoHaveCookies

    Helloo….Just thought i would ask you a quick question…..Whenever i try this, the nail polish just stays in one small blob and doesn’t spread?……Do you know why this is happening??….Many thanks :D…….P.S – i tried shaking the bowl :/

  24. i cant do water marble at home, but after watching ur video i try again.. really useful tips u share in this video.. 🙂 thanks… 🙂

  25. Umm do you have to cool the nail polish before doing this?????